At 1989 Václav and Jaroslava Opatrných bought lands. It was more about green fields, where over the time builded stables, covered halls, outdoor riding arenas, backgroung for agricultural area, pension and restaurant.
Whole phylosophy of our area is build at long-time tradition of family Opatrný, which is dealing with horse-breeding. Their history starts at the beggining of 20th century. Owner Václav Opatrný was really succesful eventing rider as in Czech Republic also at international shows. He his tree times master of Czech Republic. Succesors in sport success of his father and grandfather are son Aleš and grandaughter Adélka.
Aleš from his junior years became one of the best riders in Czech Republic. His successes in Europeand and World format. 

Riding area Opatrný Hořovice is located in Ranch area outskirts of Hořovice ensures all you need for having quality conditions for equestrian. 

Our team members are regular participants of Czech Championship, but also at International shows. Riding area meets the high demans for this sport, including over hundred boxes, two covered riding halls, warm-up outdoor ground, show outdoor ground, lounging circle, carousel and paddocks. All this puts the area among the TOP group of areas in Czech Republic. 


Stabling and training horses

  • Housing and feeding (daily cleaning, three-times/day feeding)
  • Daily movement, trainings for horses – individual agreement
  • Transport for shows
  • Blacksmith, veterinary service
  • Carousel for horses
  • Shower boxes 
  • Paddock
  • Private stuff rooms 

Riding school

We offer a possibility to do year-round horse-riding for people at different levels. We provide:

  • Basic training on a lunge line in our roofed arena or outside arena
  • Training on a pony
  • The principals of safety work and  horse care 
  • knowledge of horses 
  • Lessons for beginners or non experienced riders
  • we also teach the basics of riding such as how to sit the walk, trot and canter 
  • We maximise our attention to a riders safety 
  • We train our riders in preparation for the zzvj (horse/pony licence) Yet,If you have completed the licence we will enter you to competitions hosted by ČJF under our name.


Václav Opatrný

Tel.: +420 602 311 712



Jitka Prach Opatrná

Tel.: +420 724 040 733



RIDING AREA RANCH                                                                                                                                                                 Cihlářská 1384, 268 01 Hořovice